Sunday, September 02, 2007

Evansville Life

Well, Evansville life for the Broomes is quickly coming to an end. Fred is formally giving his resignation to the church this evening in the service (even though he already told the students last Sunday). We will finish up at First Southern on September 16th and move sometime during the following week. Fred's first day at Ingleside is the 24th. Needless to say, life is going to be a bit hectic for a while. We are really excited about the transition. We're pretty sure we sold the house here; we hope to get a purchase agreement signed this week. Fred, Anna Bell, my sister Laura, my dad, and I are going to drive to Macon this Thursday to look for a house there. It would be wonderful if it all worked out and we were able to move directly into our new home. If not, we'll just do the apartment thing for a while--we really don't mind that possibility except for the whole double move thing. I sit in Joshua's room and watch him play as I type, I'm reminded of the great things about our life here for the past two years that I'm sad to leave:
One of those things is this house. It's been a great first house for us. We love the neighborhood. I'm definitely sentimental when it comes to these kind of things. This is the first house that Joshua and Anna Bell have ever known. So many memories have been made here. I can look around and remember where Joshua took his first step or where Fred and I sat and prayed for Anna Bell during my pregnancy. It's a great place that we will always look back at with great thankfulness. We are so incredibly blessed.