Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Love This Man...

Today is my wonderful husband's 30th Birthday!!!!
I am so thankful for him.
These are just 30 of the many reasons why...
1. He is the spiritual leader of our home.
2. He can always make me laugh...even when I'm in a cranky mood:)
3. There is no pretense about my husband...he is who he is- and who he is is pretty great!
4. He is the best preacher of the Word that I know.
5. He is creative.
6. He is a thorough and critical thinker.
7. He loves me so selflessly.
8. He loves students and their families.
9. He loves Jesus...with everything that he is.
10. He cares about and looks towards our future.
11. He is one incredible daddy.
12. He doesn't complain when the laundry isn't done or we eat mac-n-cheese for dinner.
13. He puts our family first.
14. He loves to share his hobbies with me.
15. He loves God's Word.
16. He is a reader.
17. Even at 30, he is one seriously handsome fella.
18. He is a learner.
19. He values my opinion- for our family and ministry.
20. He loves my family.
21. He is the most forgiving person I know.
22. He doesn't care much about the latest style or fad.
23. He dreams big.
24. His memory and retention of information is amazing.
25. He loves the Tarheels...and although I rarely have the attention span to watch an entire game on TV, I do too:)
26. He laughs at my attempt at humor...and i'm really not that funny.
27. He plays the guitar and has a great understanding of music.
28. He has the greatest color of blue eyes...that have been passed down to 3/3 of our kids.
29. He is very smart...but never pretends to be smarter than he is.
30. Fred Broome is the husband that God chose for me. And I couldn't be more grateful.
I love you, honey:) Happy Birthday.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just a Thought...

As Fred and I were talking the other night, I had a thought that I've never considered before having to do with creation/the fall. I can assume that it's not an original idea, but it is to me and I'm wondering if anyone has any insight: In the account of Eve (and then Adam) being tempted and then sinning, there is no mention of them having children yet. And when God banished them from the Garden, I would think that if they had already birthed a child, that would have been said. Because there was not yet sin/sickness/pain/ and an overall "fallen" state of humanity, I would think that Adam and Eve would have quickly gotten pregnant once they were created. (...I know that this is a lot of speculation...but stick with me here- I have a point!) Therefore, it is reasonable to estimate that they lived in perfect fellowship with God in the Garden for less than a year. -That is, assuming that it would have taken no more than a few months to get pregnant...and Eve could have been very pregnant when they exited Eden. (Thus, the consequence of pain in childbirth would have been very real to her!) So here's my point: if this is all accurate-- that Adam and Eve only lived in Eden for less than a year, how astounding that they were not content with the perfect and sinless life that God had created in the Garden?!!? It may have taken them less than a year to fall into temptation. Can you imagine?!? Tasting life, a constant and uninhibited-by-sin relationship with God, and all of His beautiful creation only to look for "more" after a couple of months. I know that none of this can be proven and if it was really important to us, God would have told us how long they lived without sin. But still, it's something to think about...

Monday, March 09, 2009

Fun Times

Joshua pulled out a bunch of Fred's fishing worms last week and had a blast! He must have played with these things for an hour. He enjoyed sorting them by type and color and then taking them one-by-one to the sink for a "bath." Unfortunately, Fred did not have as fun of a time putting them away, so we kept out a little baggy full that are now just for Joshua to play with.

I think that Caleb is going to pass his
big sis up in size before we know it!

Nothing beats running by Sonic for a route 44 slushy
(only 99 cents before 11!) on our way to the park!

Caleb is one sweet, precious baby!!!

Friday, March 06, 2009


....I wonder who got a hold of the camera today...