Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Past Week (Or so...)

We've been so busy and I've felt so yucky lately that I've missed so many posting opportunities...so here's a recap of what we've been up to (mostly so that I'll be able to look back and remember- most of it's probably not all that interesting to y'all!)
*Joshua busted his head on the fireplace on Saturday morning. It was terrible. I felt like an awful mom because Fred really wanted to buy those pad thingys, but I decided to put pretty pillows along the sides instead. Well, of course, two of the pillows were out of place. Joshua somehow completely lost his balance and fell smack onto the edge of the bricks. He hit just above his right eye. At first, we thought for sure we'd be headed to the ER by the way it looked and how upset he was. Thankfully, it didn't bleed- it just looked really swollen and colorful. I called our doctor and we watched him for signs of a concussion. He seemed a little sleepy at first, but I think that his sweet little head just hurt! Anyways- praise God, Joshua is fine and has a great "war wound" that will probably be there for a week or so. When people asked him what happened the next day at church, he explained "I hit my head on the fireplace and it was awful." ...Needless to say, I went out and bought one of those padding things on Saturday afternoon!
* Throwing up with little kids is really interesting. I have actually started laughing several times during the process because it's so funny! For instance, one day I ran to the toilet only to be followed by two very concerned little people. Joshua really finds comfort in holding my hand while I puke. He asks over and over "Mom, are you okay?!!? Mom, are you sick?!?? Mom, do you feel better?!!?" ....And then there's Anna Bell. I think that she believes this is some sort of game. She laughs and dances while I vomit. This particular time, she was trying to throw her beloved bear into the toilet. Gross! So, here I am: trying to throw up while holding Joshua's hand and boxing out Anna Bell and her bear! Crazy!?! I really don't want to at all sound ungrateful or that this all isn't worth every minute of it- but I really am ready to reach that feeling better mark!!!!
* I bought a new vacuum cleaner today. Our old one has "just kind of worked" for about a year now. I couldn't justify buying a new one, because it did work okay.(..at least I thought it did.) It actually started blowing dust all over the place when I turned it on last week. Fred's dad worked on it for about two hours when he was in town this weekend (Thanks, Dad!!!) He said that there were a couple more things that we could try, but it was probably time to get a new one. This finally gave me the justification to go out and make my big purchase. I really wanted a Dyson, but we'll probably be doing hardwoods all downstairs in the next few months, so I couldn't spend that much just for something that would mainly clean the bedrooms. I ended up getting a Eureka that Consumer Report rates as their top pick. ...Wow- it AMAZING! I couldn't believe the difference it made!!!! It's so funny how excited I was to vacuum today. This is a chore that usually leaves me more frustrated than when I began, because I feel like our carpet NEVER looks clean. The kids were even excited- Joshua kept yelling "WOO WHOO...it's fantastic!!!" Ha! Anyways...never thought I'd be excited about a vacuum. Such is the life of a wife and mommy!!:)
*Fred and his dad took Joshua fishing for the first time this weekend. We bought him a little Scooby Doo rod and reel from Bass Pro (Our favorite store to go to as a family!). They went to a catch and release pond, so there were lots of fish in it. Joshua ended up catching FIVE fish in less than an hour!!! He liked messing with the worms, but wasn't so big on touching the fish!:) Fred said that he dropped the pole and backed away anytime he even mentioned the idea of Joshua touching one! He even told me that evening that a fish bit him right on his finger and it really hurt! Ha!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Recent Events In the Lives of the Broome Family

My mom came down for the week when Anna Bell got her tubes put in. We decided to make a quick trip down to see my grandparents in Jacksonville, FL. It was so much fun! The kids loved hanging out with their Great Pa Pa and Mi Mi! Joshua and Pa Pa played all kinds of games and Pa Pa loved "rigging up" little toys/activities for him. This is the ONLY picture that I have from the trip...I was really sad that the battery died on the camera! We'll have to go back soon and get some good shots!

Unfortunately, Anna Bell has overcome her fear of steps. I was really enjoying the fact that she would not go near them for so long...but I guess it's time that she learn how to safely go up and down by herself.

....Oh and by the way...just thought I'd throw in this last picture for fun (or really, the true reason for today's post:)) This is baby Broome # 3!!!!! We had our first appointment today and I am 8 weeks along! We are very excited!!! I am SOOOOO sick this time around which is a little tough with little ones, but Fred is a HUGE help. I LOVE my new doctor. He was very informative and thorough with everything. We are overwhelmed by this blessing and so thankful that God saw fit to allow us to be parents to another child. I will post more soon, but right now I really need to eat something!