Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Silly Little Conversations

(As we were driving home one evening, we passed a man running without a shirt on)

Anna Bell: LOOK!!! That man is NAKED!!!!!! Hahahaha Isn't that so funny?!!?

Joshua: WHERE?!!?

Me: There was a man running without a shirt on.

Joshua: Oh. Yeah, that's just what us boys do sometimes. But not girls, right?

Me: That's right.

Joshua: That's because girls have mustaches.

Me: They have what?

Joshua: Mustaches. You know, kinda like beards.

Me: Uhhh....girls don't have mustaches.

Joshua: Well, sometimes really old ones do.

Well, the boy has a point...but what did that have to do with boys running shirtless? I decided not to ask.

(While walking into the grocery store, we passed a worker who was on a smoking break)

Joshua: Mom, why does that lady have a straw in her mouth?

Me: Let's just go on into the store, buddy.

I decided not to tell him that day what smoking was. I know that we'll have that conversation soon enough, but in that moment, I was just enjoying the fact that my fast-growing little boy doesn't have any idea what a cigarette is.

(I was listening to Joshua and Anna Bell fall asleep the other night while we were staying at a cabin in the mountains. They were in beds side by side and just having a quiet conversation like two little grown ups.

Anna Bell: Joshua, I'm gonna be really nice to you tomorrow, okay? I'm not gonna bite you or anything.

Joshua: But Anna Bell, you pulled my hair really hard today.

Anna Bell: (After a long pause...and in her most sincere and sweetest voice) Joshua, I am so sorry. But you probably don't want a bandaide because that would really hurt your hair.

Monday, July 05, 2010