Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Week in Pictures

The past two weekends have been just absolutely fabulous. You know the kind, when you just step back and thank our God for life. Here are a few of the adventures the Broomies have experienced in the past week (or so...:))

We had a GREAT Mother's Day weekend at the beach! We went down to Jacksonville and visited my MiMi and PaPa (of which I did not get any pictures with because the camera battery died...ugh...) Joshua LOVED the water! I can't wait for Prosser family beach trip '09...Maddie and Joshua are gonna be SO fun! The picture of Anna Bell is a bit deceiving; she was quite the chicken anywhere near the water...she may be spending most of her vacation poolside:)

Just a couple pics of Caleb last week-- oh, how I love this little guy! He is so fun and sweet. He seems to be easygoing so far...of course we all thought that about AB at five months as well!

We visited one of our favorite May/Macon places on Friday; the Elliot Farms strawberry patch. (I think that this was our fourth trip this spring already!) It is one of the greatest places on earth for toddlers! Pick strawberries, eat some along the way, meet fun farm creatures (peacocks, goats, cows, chickens, roosters, and dogs all included) and eat amazing homemade strawberry ice cream. All that for about $7.00. You can't beat it.

On Saturday morning as we were sitting around finishing up breakfast, Fred and I decided that we wanted to get out with the kids again. We made our way to a great animal rescue/rehabilitation place called Daucet Trails. It's a free "zoo" filled with all kinds of cool animals and beautiful trails winding through forests and around a lake. There's another free zoo that we've been to a couple of times called Noah's Ark. This is somewhat similar, but we decided we liked it even better.
*Check out my three guys all sportin their Tarheel ball caps!:)

Caleb tried rice cereal for the first time on Saturday. He didn't love it. He didn't hate it. I don't know if I'll start into full swing with the whole baby food stage quite yet. It's just not my favorite milestone. We'll see.

Yeah...this is what happens when I think that unsupervised finger painting is a good idea while I'm trying to get dinner fixed. Mommy thought it was hilarious. Daddy was not so amused when he walked in the door. I wish that I could post a full-body shot of the aftermath of this activity, but it's just not right to post nude pictures of your 3 1/2 year old.

We actually took these a couple of weeks ago, but I had to stick them on here. We took our kite to a church park near our house. I love the church in the background...:)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Some Spring Pics

The egg hunt with church.

Caleb representing the best basketball team in the nation.

Our palm Sunday devotion. This went pretty well. The kids acted it out complete with palm branches.

Nothing to do with Easter...just enjoying push pops on a cold day:)

Joshua REALLY loves Caleb...he can't wait to share a room with him.

At one of our best buds, Lucy's house. Fred and Lucy's dad spent ALL day setting up their new swing set and the tire swing was a HUGE hit!