Saturday, March 26, 2011

Picture Post

Muffins With Mom in 3k...such a sweet time with little Anna Bell.

The annual Cherry Blossom Festival was this past week...we had a wonderful afternoon with our family and some friends. Joshua and AB both got to ride one thing, we saw a Tiger show (actually not so impressive, but it was free) ate cotton candy and a Turkey leg, and just walked around enjoying the day.

(Unfortunately, the only pic of the outing that I have of Caleb is in his seat on the way:))

Watching Daddy exterminate the Carpenter Bees that have taken up residence in our siding makes for sweet pictures:)

We've gone Tadpole hunting in our little creek out back several times over the past week...and Fred and the kids have been pretty successful. They've caught 8 pretty good size little guys. A couple of them are even starting to get legs!

Preggo Update...

I hit the 32 week mark yesterday-- I can't believe that we are getting so close to the arrival of our sweet baby boy! In less than 7 weeks, he will be here! (I haven't made it to 39 weeks with any of the I think it's pretty safe to guess that I won't with this one either.) This pregnancy has been pretty similar to the others: I'm at about the same place with weight gain, the same pesky veins have popped out behind my right knee, and Braxton Hicks are keeping me up most nights. I'm really trying to enjoy every stage and moment of this pregnancy...even as the discomfort increases. At my last appointment, the doctor expressed just a little bit of concern with how I'm measuring, so I have another ultrasound scheduled in a couple of weeks. I suppose that he's following in his sister's footsteps and may be a little guy:)

We are so excited to meet you, baby Ezra!!!! You are one blessed little boy to have such fun and crazy brothers and sister waiting to meet you. They already love you so much!!!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011