Monday, October 15, 2012

First Seven Weeks in Pictures

We began week 8 of school this morning.  It is flying by!  And although most days have quite a few completely chaotic moments, I think that we're all really enjoying it.  We have found our routine.  I'm learning to be flexible when that is what's best for us.   I'm trying not to worry so much about crossing everything off of the list as just enjoying the learning process with my four. (...and I'm not even a list person!)  We are reading and reading and reading around here!  Joshua's favorite part so far is reading and definitely least favorite is writing.  Anna Bell surprisingly enjoys any workbook activities and also art.  And my sweet 3 year old Caleb's only beloved school activity is playing with colored macaroni noodles:)  He really has been a champ.  I wasn't sure how he'd respond to so much school time- but for the most part he stays in the room with us and plays with some manipulatives.  He is learning letter sounds but isn't terribly interested, so I'm not pushing too hard.  We typically save some of our language arts and math for when Caleb and Ezra are resting in the afternoon which seems to help a lot.  And no surprise, Ezra is so easy.  He eats breakfast for the first bit and then plays with cars or balls.  
We begin the morning with calendar time, prayer, Scripture memory and Bible reading.  We then do some order of history/geography, science, literature reading and begin our spelling and phonic.  If we have a hands-on activity or science experiment we usually do those before lunch as well.  We typically save math and writing for the afternoon.  I'm sure our normal will change along the way, but for now it's (not perfectly!) working.  
A rare moment when everyone is happily and busily at work! 
 Practicing letters and numbers
 My big 7 years old loves books about bugs, sea life and pretty much anything written by Dr. Seuss:)
 C's letter review stamping
 Our cactus terrariums
 Ez's favorite spot in the house
 Our ocean in a bottle- a big hit with the whole crew!
 While taking a morning break, they all started playing "earthquake" with blocks and little people...I can log that then, right?!!:)
 Colored icebergs
 Leftover spaghetti noodles for we'll practice our letters!

 We have another reader in the house!  Anna Bell read her first book last week!
 I'm trying to find the balance with this guy and writing.  He's pretty good at it.  He's creative.  He's a good speller.  Any wisdom is greatly appreciated.
 In other developmental news, this guy took off walking yesterday!  Wooo whooo!  He is all over the place...and has a whole crowd of people who adore him to cheer him on:)
I'm so very thankful for this season.  It's hard and busy and a process but I wouldn't trade it for anything! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school at the Broome house.  One first(ish) grader, one kindergartner, one 3k-er and one adorable little guy.  Those who know me well understand that the amount of planning and organizing that goes into such a day is quite an undertaking for this a-little-on-the-free-spirited-side mama.  But plan and organize I did.  And although the day was FAR from perfect and calm, it was a really good day.      
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Rain, Glorious Rain

We had the most amazing rainy afternoon yesterday.  I'm sure the farmers around here were really thankful.  I know four kiddos who were too:)
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Funny Stuff

Anna Bell:  When I grow up, I'm going to go to jail.

Me:  hmm.

(Our dear Macon friends, the Jones came to visit a couple of weeks ago and this convo happened between Joshua and Mrs. Cortney while watching the Olympics)

Joshua: Ewww, why did that girl just spit in her hands?!!?

Cort:  They do that so they can get a good grip on the bars with that powder on their hands

Joshua:  That's what country people do.  ...And we're city people...well....sorta.

(AB was being discipined for being unkind with her words.)

Me:  Anna Bell, it is very important that when we are unkind to someone that we ask for their forgiveness and for God to forgive us.  Mama has to ask for forgiveness when I am unkind with my words too.

Anna Bell:  Who are you unkind to?

Me.  Well, sometimes I am unkind with my words towards daddy and I have to ask for his forgiveness.

Anna Bell: (with big eyes)  WHY?!!?

Me:  Because I am selfish and sinful.

Anna Bell:  (with a great deal of expression)  But he's the Pastor!!!

Me:  Oh brother....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sweet Pitifulness

Isn't this just the cutest thing you've ever seen?!? 
Ezra is now cast free, thankfully.  He is still favoring it a bit, but starting to pull up and willing to put some weight on his right leg for short amounts of time. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

i love some saturdays better than others...

the weekend started off great...
catching critters...
 like little frogs...
and crayfish... 
 and even large grasshoppers...

until the weekend took an unfortunate turn...
 spending Sat. afternoon in the ER...
with the most precious little patient... 

who happens to have a broken leg:(

It's true:  our sweet little Ez broke his leg.  Big sister picked him up Friday evening and dropped him.  His only injury seemed to be a bruise on his forehead until we noticed him favoring his right leg.  He wasn't screaming or fussing, he just didn't quite seem himself and would not bear any weight on that leg.  So, we headed on up the the ER only to confirm it was definitely broken.  We will head to the orthopedist this week to get it casted.  ...This mama is praying for a waterproof one!
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