Monday, June 22, 2009


Over a month has past since my last post. ... and it's not that there haven't been happenings worth posting about in the Broome family:
* I traveled to Missouri and flew with all three kids. WITH the help of my 15 year old sister...yeah...I don't know if I'll be making that trip all by myself with all 3 in tow anytime soon. All three were really good and cooperative, but things just happen, ya know?!? Joshua had to go potty as we were taking off. Caleb had a blowout. The Atlanta airport is INSANE. You get the idea.
* While in St. Louis, I was able to see and hang out with family and dear friends...however as with every trip back to the midwest, I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to. Joshua had a really tough week which in turn, was exhausting for me. Everything was a battle. He's not a typically aggressive kid, but really was while we were there. I still don't know exactly why it was such a difficult week, but I know that part of it was being away from his daddy. I was reminded of how great it is to have a husband who loves me and loves our kids enough to be really involved in loving, correcting, and training them.
* Caleb is now 6 months old! How did that happen?!?! I have SO enjoyed the baby stage with him...much more than with the other two. I find myself savoring the fact that he can't crawl or eat food or do anything on his own yet. I'm so thankful for that. He is such a little ball of sweetness. He started clearly and deliberately saying "mama" about a month ago and it melts my heart! At his 6 month well-check he was 25th % weight and 90th % length!!! How did I get such a long baby?!!? ...Fred may get his bb star after all!!!

* We're having the outside of our house painted. It's not exactly how Fred and I would have liked to spend our money, but it needed to be done. And it looks SO good! The guys are almost finished and I'm amazed at what a fresh coat of paint does for the curb appeal.

* IBC's student camp was the first weekend in June and it was INCREDIBLE. This was the first year of doing our own camp, so Fred, the other student pastor and their administrative assistants put tons of work into making it all happen. God did some amazing things in students' lives and at least one became a follower of Christ! Praise be to GOd!!! I didn't go so Ash came and helped with the kids. I am so thankful that she did- it made those days while Fred was away so much easier and it was great to be able to hang out with her for those days. I'm already looking forward to getting to go next year!
* We had Xtreme Week at church last week (IBC's vbs). I taught 3k Bible study time. It was so fun getting to share Truth with those little guys and gals! We were worn out by 1:00 everyday, but it was so worth it!
* And now, for the source of motivation for this post: Check out this DISGUSTING critter that FLEW across our bedroom about an hour ago! ughhhhhhh!!!! Apparently, this is just part of living in the deep south. I guess this is the season for these beastly creatures to be seen and with all the windows open with the painters, this horrid thing got into our bedroom. ...SO that's why I'm posting well after midnight-- because WHO can go to bed after that nastiness is flying around your bed?!!??

THIS is what our bedroom looked like after tearing it apart trying to track the thing down! I have said since moving to Macon that there are A LOT of things I love about life here; our church family, our friends, southern culture, ... But there are 3 things that I HATE: the fire ants, the mosquittos, and the roaches!