Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Friday, and I'm Feeling Random

*I seriously woke up yesterday morning and smiled when I remembered that it was Thursday: no definite plans or places we had to be, a night at home, and (for us) the beginning of the weekend. We ran a few errands in the morning and spent the rest of the day at home. ...And I actually cooked a complete dinner; which is something that I have RARELY done since pregnancy sickness kicked in. My dear, sweet family has lived on frozen meals, kids-eat-free nights around town, or cereal/sandwiches. It's been rough. I don't think that I've been quite as sick as I was with Caleb, but thinking about food is just the worst. I reached the 13 week mark today, so I'm praying that relief comes in the next week or so!

*It's so amazing and awesome how God has already knit this littlest one into our family. I "found out" that I was pregnant while the kids and I were in St. Louis at the end of the summer. I didn't take a test. I guess that by the fourth time around, you just pretty much know:) I didn't tell anyone for nine days! Not even Fred! I didn't want to tell him on the phone or around other people. And I definitely didn't want to tell anyone before him, so I just spent a little over a week joyfully pondering the idea in my heart and thanking God. It was really cool: it was a different kind of excitement than I've felt with any of the other 3, but still a giddy, overwhelming excitement just the same...maybe just a bit more peaceful. It's amazing how much love we already have for this little peach-sized person. We are all really excited! Especially big sis, Anna Bell:)

*I've mentioned several times here how sweet and for the most part, compliant Caleb is...however, as evidenced in this pic- he is almost two:)

*I love this picture of Bella and Caleb. I don't know why they chose to hang out on the bathroom stool, but it sure made for a cute pic!

*This is a pretty old picture, that, for some reason, I never posted...but oh, how thankful I am for precious and rare moments such as these!!!!

*I LOVE this time of year!!! Fall has finally arrived in Macon. The leaves are beautiful. We've been faithfully playing Christmas music for over a week. Oh, I love it.

*We finally decided on a new room arrangement and moved Anna Bell to Joshua's room last weekend. We were blessed with another twin bed from a dear family, so we finally decided that putting J and AB together made the most sense. Their sleeping needs are the most alike and are both at a place where they can fall back asleep easily if someone wakes them up. As I was looking at the once-all-boy room with now two twin beds in it, I looked at Fred and said "It would be so great to go to IKEA to pull this room together." This was at 5:30 on Saturday. Fred looked at me and asked if I wanted to go...ummm....of course I do!!!! So by 5:45, we were all piled into the van and on our way to Atlanta! Crazy, right?!? It was such a fun family night! We pulled up to IKEA at around 7, all ate dinner for $5.00 and were off to shop. We stayed until 9 when they closed and picked out bedding for Anna Bell that worked with the colors already in Joshua's quilt. I also bought some frames to hang in there and little floor mats. The room in not quite together yet...I'll post pictures when I'm finished. It was so fun to do something so last minute and for the kids to be so great with made me realize that as they get older, there's so much more allowance for flexibility.

*Alright, enough randomness for one night- happy Friday y'all!!!!

Funny (and sometimes sweet) Little Conversations

Anna Bell: Mommy, I love the baby girl in your belly.

Me: Anna Bell, we don't know if the baby is a girl or a boy yet. But Who does know?

AB: God.

Me: That's right. And God knows best, doesn't He?

AB: Yep.

...We've had LOTS of conversations like this one with Anna Bell. I was a bit concerned about her at first, and how she will react if this sibling is another brother. However, this is the conversation that she had with an employee at McAllisters a few weeks back:

AB: My mommy has a baby in her tummy. (She pretty much tells everyone she sees!)

Worker: Wow! How exciting! Do you think that you're going to have a brother or a sister?

AB: Only God knows. And God knows best.

...Gotta love it!!!!:)

*After Joshua received a spanking last night:

Anna Bell: Daddy good job. ....You did a good job spanking Joshua.

...Hmm...what an encourager.