Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prosser Family Beach Trip 2011

(Yay- a picture of all 6 of us!)

(*Bonus: everyone is relatively well-groomed and even color coordinating)

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Life Six Weeks Later...

...Random, I know, but how else do you sum up the first 6 weeks of life with your 4th baby?

We went to the pediatrician for the sixth time in one week this morning. Caleb, Joshua, Ezra and I have all had some sort of virus. It's been terrible. Caleb had the croup with it. Joshua's fever got up to 104. I felt miserable but still needed to be mom for a few days. And sweet baby Ezra's fever got to 101.3, so just be careful, the doctor's had to cath him to get a urine sample and give him an IV to get a blood culture. It was pitiful. ...But we are really thankful that he seems pretty much over it and it didn't turn into something worse.

I cleaned yucky poop off of the kitchen and hallway floors this afternoon. (And of course, it had to be the day after I mopped!) Caleb pooped in his swim trunks while we were outside playing in the sprinkler and then ran inside, leaving little droppings all over the place before I realized it. The best part of it was me trying to get him up into the bathtub while trying to keep the others from stepping in it, while also trying to take care of Ezra. Oh wow...sometimes I wonder why God saw fit to only give us two arms. Three would come in handy on a pretty regular basis.

I'm feeling good and pretty much back to "normal." I felt just kind of weak and easily light-headed until about a week ago. It's nice to be able to run upstairs to grab something again.

Ezra is such a sweet baby. He seems like he's already watching, thinking, trying to figure out what's going on. I soak up the quiet moments when I get to just sit and hold him.

After the kids are all in bed and Fred and I are downstairs and hear a cry, we have to listen a moment to guess who it is. If it's Joshua, he's had a bad dream. If it's AB, she needs to go to the bathroom. If it's Caleb, he's dropped his paci (I SO need to get rid of that thing, i know!) And if it's Ezra, he's ready for his last meal.

We went to the beach with my family when Ezra was a little over 3 weeks old. It was fun and as always, so great to be with my parents, sisters, their husbands, and my precious nieces for a full week. ...But it was also a bit crazy. All of the kids did great, but it's still a bit hard to go to the beach with a 3 week old!

I can't even tell you how many times I've counted heads to make sure that we have everyone.

Ez started sleeping through the night at 3 weeks. The first night I tried not to get my hopes up, thinking it was just a one time thing. However, thankfully, he's slept from around 10-7 the majority of the nights since!

Although it's definitely easier to stay home most days, there's a great feeling of accomplishment in getting out just to vacuum out the van or run to the bank.

We have the best friends ever: We have had 14 meals brought to our house. Most have been more than enough for 2 nights. And since cooking isn't my favorite thing in the world, I've been really spoiled. I have only cooked probably a handful of meals in the past 6 weeks. I could get used to that!

The kids love Ezra. They love to hug him, kiss him, talk to him, sing to him. It's so sweet. I wasn't expecting them to be so gentle with Ezra, but they really all are...not that I can leave him on the floor or anything. Poor kid hardly ever gets tummy time:)

I counted 26 different piles from one load of laundry the other day.

It seems like with each child, I get a little bit more relaxed about certain things: like organization of toys or how long it takes to put a basket of clean cloths away.

I. am. blessed. ....beyond measure. With a husband who loves me and our kids selflessly because he loves Christ first. With 4 precious little ones who won't be little forever. With family who loves us and supports us immeasurably. With friends who loves us and our children like family. And most of all...and terribly understated...with a God who loves me even in my sinfulness and has allowed me this season of life to bring glory to Him.

...And here are some {5 weekish} pictures of the little guy...

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