Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Life in Georgia

So sorry about the blog slacking lately...I've been meaning to post these pictures for a while now. The first two are of the infamous Annual Macon "Cherry Blossom Festival." It's pretty insane- the week long event actually gets national attention. Basically, as far as I know from my limited understanding, this event is a really big deal. There are tons of Cherry Blossom trees all over the city that bloom as the week begins. (I guess they know exactly when they're going to bloom way in advance so that they can plan all of the festivities...that alone blows my mind.) Anyways, there is a fair that is part of the celebration. We didn't get many pictures- but these of the pink poodle are my favorite! Everything associated with the week is pink. Ya know, like the cherry blossoms-- and I guess that some guy decided that his dog would join in. Poor dog. I mean, poodles are pretty sad creatures to begin with, but you dye one pink and that's just pitiful. The kids got a real kick out of it, though. I actually really love these type of cultural phenomenons. From the outside looking in, so much of it seems so silly...but really fun!!!!

As I went to download the latest pictures onto the computer, I realized that about half of them were of our kids eating ice cream!!! I guess I really like to take pictures of this...and I guess my kids inherited their momma's love for the stuff!!!!

I LOVE this picture of Anna Bell. She has just recently really started loving books like her big brother. Doesn't it look like she's reading to her dolly? ...I don't think that's what she was doing, the doll just happened to be sitting there:)

Here's a picture of the view from our kitchen window a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE it!!!! Spring is here!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Check it Out Out Out

...So my wonderful husband decided to create his own blogspot this week...although this started out as a couple blog, I am definitely the one who updates it. I am really excited about Fred blogging as well- he is a lot more insightful and more knowledgeable than I am. Anyways, check it out....and post a comment about whatcha think!:)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ears are Clear

Anna Bell had her surgery on Tuesday morning. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and encouragement. The surgery went great. The doctor said that it looked like one eardrum had ruptured at some point and the other one had fluid in it that was actually more jelly-like than it was liquid. Gross! Poor thing! Anyways, we got to go back and hold her as the anesthesia was wearing off. After about 30 minutes she was awake and doing great. It's been amazing to see the difference that tubes have made: she's walking better, eating more and taking longer naps. Sweet girl! The only annoying thing is that our doctor recommends us using earplugs anytime that she's in water. Last night during bath time, Joshua was extremely concerned about what "that red thing" was in her ears! I've heard several people say that the plugs aren't necessary for the bathtub, so we'll see how long it last!:)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Poor Sweet Anna

I took Anna Bell to the ENT (ear,nose, & throat) doctor for a follow-up visit last week. She had battled an on-going ear infection, so our pediatrician referred us to the specialist. Unfortunately, our precious little girl STILL has the ear infection! She has basically had the same infection since Christmas. Antibiotics weren't really helping, so she hasn't been on any since January. The doctor said that if you or I were in the same pain that she is, we'd be rushing to the doctor and begging him to fix it! She has just adapted and gotten used to her ears always hurting! So sad! Anyways, the doc has decided that tubes are the best option. We go for two pre-op visits this week and Anna Bell will have the surgery next Tuesday. Thankfully, it is a routine procedure that only takes about 5 minutes. She will be under anesthetic, so that's the part that makes me a little anxious. I'm glad to know that this should solve the problem without antibiotics, but still sad that she has to have surgery!