Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catch Up

Does anyone else ever get behind on blogging about life and it just hinders them from ever getting caught up? ...I feel like that happens to me all the time. I think "Well, I can't blog this until I write about that." Anyways...I just need to let that go. Here are just a few (as usual-random!) blog-note-worthy things going on with the Broomes:

*My dear, sweet, wonderful friend Constance moved to Macon! And what's even better is that her husband, Adam is the new high school pastor at our church! We are having a blast having them here. I keep saying that it's the closest thing to living near family when you don't:) Con and I were friends and roomies in college and in each others' weddings. It's SO fun to have her and her precious children and husband here! We were hanging out on Friday and just sitting around laughing, chatting, watching our kids play- and I couldn't help but smile and thank God for such a sweet and unexpected blessing.

*Last week, I pulled EVERY toy that was in our house into the playroom. SO many things needed to be sorted/stored/purged. We consolidated and now only have toys in the playroom downstairs and Joshua's closet upstairs. I like it. I have a much better handle on what we are actually using and where things are.

*Joshua started 4k and Anna Bell started 3k two weeks ago. They both love it! I can't remember if I've written about this, but I really struggled with whether or not to enroll them this year. We are praying about what to do about school for Joshua next year. We haven't come to a decision yet; we'll be visiting schools and I'm going to start doing some Kindergarten curriculum at home. We'd love to hear any godly wisdom that anyone has to offer. ...But for now, I am glad that we went ahead and did preschool this year. They are going 3 mornings a week. J and AB love it, are in a Christ-centered place, and are learning. They both have fabulous teachers. I'm having sweet time with Caleb (and getting some things accomplished with just 1) and C is even going to MMO on Friday mornings when Fred is off- so we have a date morning every week!

*And here are some pictures that I attempted one morning. I love these kids:)

*Whew. I feel *somewhat* caught up now.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Prosser Family Beach Trip 2010

We got home yesterday from the annual trip to the beach with the Prosser clan. It was wonderful...and as always, I left with a deep appreciation and love for my family. (And also a readiness to get home to our little family routine!) We played in the ocean and pool, went to a little fair, went to the aquarium, stayed up WAY too late and ate WAY too much junk food, loved on cousins, and all around had a really fun time.